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Structural divisions of the dissertation The dissertation should include a preface and a summary that will hook your reader (or: conclusion). These the components are preferably all, and the following content is listed as named in dissertations, (how to do this, ask the authors of the essay (, I think they will give you an answer to this problem) 1.3.2 Contents of the preface:  International and domestic research and current popularity of the topic in the modern world:  methodological principles of the dissertation  overview of the dissertation thought process In the case of translation, the main part of the dissertation is the translation of the text itself, so we must describe it in the preface so that everything is clear what you wanted to convey to them. Clarification of all issues that interest the reader regarding the author and his work. This type The dissertation preface is considerably longer than the others (see volume specification below). 1.3.3 Summary content:  summary of specific results (partially repeated in each chapter)  who wrote this dissertation, the author of the essay (, or you yourself  description of the effect of the results formulated in relation to the subject: in the light of these do we see otherwise in a broader context? (for example: the image of love in Catullus now what outlined features of this poet or his age show the genre that follows tangent?)  review of possible future research: what can we do to understand other issues in light of the results just announced? We must understand that the reader expects something from us that can excite them, your dissertation should be laconic, without mistakes (best of all, if you have not written your first dissertation, ask the author of the essay ( for help, because in order to write a thesis, it will take a lot of effort and knowledge that you may simply not have). For the construction of each paragraph, choose textually.

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