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Guide Towards Best dogs for anxiety

Emotional support animals (ESA) having a legit emotional support animal letter have gained massive fame in recent times. Although,the concept has been in use for the past many decades. However, the recent upsurge in mental issues has made the use of ESAs very much encouraged and popular too.

ESAs are used to not only get support when the owner is feeling mentally disturbed, provide companionship to remove loneliness but also give much-needed love and affection to the owners. This love helps a person feel much better amid all the chaos that is making them distraught and troubled.

Just like human beings, dogs are also capable of showing emotions. They can be very affectionate and many of the times express their affection by hugging and cuddling. Humans and dogs both crave affection and attention.

Nonetheless, the irony is that the current times have made everyone so busy that we often forget to give attention and love to the people around us, this results in a huge void in the lives of many people who crave attention and love. Often this leads to the worsening of mental health conditions.

This is because pets are generally not allowed in most housing societies and many landlords also deny pets in their rental places or houses. However, an ESA is allowed at such places only if the owner has an esa letter for housing.

In such a scenario, ESAs play a very important and crucial role, not only do they fill the void created by the absence of human support but also provide comfort whenever needed. Dogs are one of the most affectionate and emotional options available to be used for emotional support.

Similarly, when a person travels through an airplane, he or she is denied to take the pet along. However, the same letter can allow the owner to take the ESA on flights too. Hence, one does not need to get separated from the ESAs as the law protects the rights of ESAs and their owners through this ESA recommendation letter.

If you are a person looking for an ESA dog and are confused about which dog breed can provide minimum emotional support, affection, love, and care, then read further. This is because given below is a list of the most affectionate dog breeds to help you select your pet among them and get an unlimited supply of hugs and cuddles.Although all the dogs are affectionate and cuddly some of the dog breeds are more affectionate than others. However, before getting a dog, make sure to get an ESA Letter to own the ESA and to be able to travel with it.

Golden retriever

This breed of dog is a very faithful, caring, loving, affectionate, kind, devoted, gentle, and cuddly pet. They long for cuddles from their owners as much as the owners do. Also, they use the cuddles as a source for the bond formation between them and their owners. These cuddles result in the production of a chemical within the body of the dogs. This chemical called oxytocin makes them connect strongly with the one giving the cuddles.

This breed connects easily with everyone however they are strongly devoted to the owners. Not only do they love getting cuddles but they can also sense their owner's feelings and relieve them by giving cuddles too.


Boxers are known as one of the most cuddly and snuggly breeds of dogs. They right away form a strong bond with the whole family of their owner. They are the most expressive dogs when it comes to expressing affection and care.

Some of their ways of expressing love are cuddling, slobbery kisses, pawing, and leaning on the owner’s body. They are so cuddly that often people end up asking what makes them so cuddly. The answer to this is that cuddling is part of the very nature of the boxers. They love both giving and getting cuddles and kisses.

Great Dane

Great Dane loves to cuddle. Great Dane loves cuddles from and with everyone. These are the most emotional dog breeds. Great Danes long and strive for long hugs and physical touch. This is their way of interacting with someone they trust. They can easily get an emotional support dog letter without any difficulty.

Both petting and hugging can help great Danes feel at home. Also, their cuddles have so much warmth that they can help reduce anxiety in human beings. They are keen to please everyone hence are very affectionate and cuddly to all.

English Bulldog

This breed of dog is very well known for two of its most dominant characteristics, one being laziness and other being the sweetness. One can find them snoring anywhere, at any time of the day. Yet they are a very human-oriented, well-mannered kind, and affectionate breed of dogs. If you are the one in search of sweetness and cuddles along with easy training, then an English bulldog is the best choice.


These are the dogs who do not show affection to everyone. This is because they show extreme affection to only one person, their owner. For a person looking for a kind dog who can keep strangers away, a Chihuahua is the best choice.

The more time a Chihuahua spends with a family, the more loving, caring, and cuddly he becomes with them. Hence, these are some of the most cuddle-giving and faithful to their owners, dog breeds.If you dont have much time to go for ESA Letter you can also get an esa letter online sitting at your home also.

Cuddling not only helps dogs bond with humans but also is a source of relieving stress and anxiety for human beings. Some breeds like the ones mentioned above are more affectionate than others. for other breeds methods like caressing, snuffle mat for dogs can be used to stimulate the cuddling.

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