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De geboorte van Evelyn - Thuis naast het bed in plaats van in bad

The birth of Evelyn

-This birth story will be in English, because that’s the language the parents speak. -

I received a mail from Jennifer and Nenad, they loved my birth pictures and would love to have me at the home birth of their second girl. 

We planned a date to meet and so I went to Badhoevedorp. Nenad was putting little Olive to bed so I talked to Jennifer most of the time. We had a click immediately and I really liked her vision on birth and her birth plan. They decided to book me, and I was so excited when I drove home. This would be my first birth with a doula, I love ‘new’ things so I was curious how that would be. The due date was July 16th.

On thursday the 13th of July at 22.21 Jennifer texted me: ‘Having mild (can talk and do other things), irregular contractions. Going to bed now, but will let you know… I made my bags ready, changed clothes, and tried to sleep. I checked my phone every hour, but I stayed quiet. The next morning I texted Jennifer to ask her if it was a false start, and it was. 

The following days I didn’t hear from them, till monday the 17th of July 06.12. I woke up from a text: ‘I think today could be the day. I’ve not slept well as I was having contractions most of the night. They have begun to intensify a bit. I decided to get dressed at 7, Jennifer texted me that the contractions were every 7 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. Everyone else was still asleep. I was ready to go as I received another text at 8.00: ‘Well, they have seemed to have slowed down. I’m going to try to sleep a bit.’ 

Aghh! Not again! 

Tuesday  july 18th 08.42: ‘Every 7 mins, intense enough that I have to stop talking, focus, and breath…’ and ‘ midwife will be here in 30 mins’. 

10.31: ‘2cm :( She will come back at 14.30 and check again’. I got myself ready, bags packed again, appointments cancelled…and then at 14.10 a new message: ‘Things slowed down again…I’ll have Nenad send you a whatsapp when we think you should come’. I got back to work on my computer and tried to relax a bit. What a rollercoaster! 

That night I went to bed early, and then at July 19th 00.37 Nenad called me. Jennifer was already in the birthing pool and it was time for me to come. Yes! Fourth time’s the charm! I jumped in my clothes en drove to Badhoevedorp. I arrived there at 01.50. Jennifer was sitting on hands and knees in front of the bed. The room was dark, Nenad was by her side and so was the Doula; Lievnath. I tried to make some more light because it was so dark my camera couldn’t even focus. Jennifer wanted the lights off so it was quite a struggle. 

A few minutes later her water broke, it was al clear. It would’t be long before the baby would come. Jennifer didn’t want to go back in to the birthing pool, so the midwife asked her to please get up on the bed so she would have more room to help her. Jennifer was totally in her own bubble and then she said: ‘She’s crowning’. I switched the light on and yes there was a little head almost out! There wasn’t much space between the bed and the crib that was standing there, so it wasn’t easy for the midwife to catch the baby…and not easy for me to make pictures…but we both managed to do a great job! 

Jennifer pushed the baby out slowly en reached between her legs to catch her. Wow that went quickly! It was only 02.11. I’m here for just 20 minutes! I loved the look on Jennifer and Nenad’s faces…this little girl is so welcome! The baby was beautiful and pink, and cried immediately. They gave her the name ‘Evelyn’. Carefully Jennifer got up and sat down on the bed. Evelyn already searched for the breast and took her first latch. ‘Her skin is so soft!’ Nenad said. Jennifer lay down and tried to be comfortable. The placenta still had to come out so it was waiting for the contractions. Evelyn was still on the breast, and Nenad, the doula and Jennifer’s mom were sitting next to her. Thankfully the placenta came out at 2.35. A succesfull home birth! The placenta was still attached to Evelyn, and after it was fully done with transferring al the precious blood and antibodies Jennifer got to cut the cord herself.

It was so funny, they had to rush to find a bowl for the placenta, and Jennifer said: ‘This bowl would never be the same again, we just had dinner out of it this evening, now it’s the placenta bowl!’ We all laughed! Lievnath gave Jennifer a banana and the maternity care lady brought some pure chocolate. It was such a beautiful moment, all woman in the room working together as a team…Jennifer in the center. 

They said goodbye to the placenta, Lievnath is going to make capsules from it. After snuggling with Nenad it was time to do the checks, Evelyn did well, first steps were made and her reflexes were fine. She weight 3160 grams. She got her first diaper on and her first clothes. She looked so cute! Then she opened her eyes for the first time, trying to focus. I really felt as a calm after the storm. It was time for me to leave so Jennifer and Nenad could get some sleep before little olive woke up. 

What a beautiful home birth. What a warm and loving home. What a beautiful family.

The sun is already rising, birds are singing. I ate a granola bar and drive back home. 

Thank you so much for letting me being part of your beautiful birth. See you soon! 

Love, Jessica

-  All het people in the pictures have given permission to be featured on the blog and my social media - 

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